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baldheadracing wrote:Dunno. Popper couldn't roast dark, due to UL appliance standards (viz. Nesco recall). Poppo is $28.50.
It's a bargain but there is no heat control and no fan control which I was assuming the Popper V2 will/would have. To do those two things properly with the Poppo you need to open it up and do some modifications. And while it can roast dark the question is for how long?

Why not just get a heat gun and borrow your dog's bowl.

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jpender wrote:The Poppo kit is available now. I wonder if this is what the Popper V2 turned into.
No, it isn't. I stopped by SM's a few weeks ago to get some green beans and asked about the new Popper. They said it isn't available yet but should be coming soon.

The Poppo is basically a bare bones popcorn popper with a removavble insert sleeve that is supposed to help it agitate coffee beans while roasting. SM says it produces more even roasts, but from what I see in the SM video the roast doesn't seem particularly even. And with the lack of heat or fan speed control (which the Popper has), there's no way to slow down the Poppo's very fast (3 minutes to 2nd crack!) roast time...

The price, however, is quite low.

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Thanks for that. They had said that the Popper V2 might be available by October 2023 and so when the Poppo appeared suddenly instead I wondered if they had shifted their plans. I'm still kinda sorta considering the Popper path...