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Discuss roast levels and profiles for espresso, equipment for roasting coffee.
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jpender wrote:But I've always thought I'd have to roast every other day. Is that what you guys do? Or maybe even every day? Or do you roast back-to-back-to-back-to-back-to-back batches all in one day to get a larger amount?
I have not used the Popper, but I know a friend who does. It can roast ~3oz. Not sure how long cooling is required in between runs, but I am sure it can run more than once a day. For a not-too-much-more, you can find used Fresh Roast easily on eBay. It can roast ~4oz. With an extension tube, it can go to ~6oz. If you go with Razzo, then ~8oz is doable. You will have far more control on a roasting level than Popper. I use a FreshRoast SR700 with OpenRoast with a single BT thermo probe. It can handle back-to-back-to-back-to-back-to-back batches if I want. Good thing is with SR700 and OpenRoast, recipe can run automatically to repeat the roast. Only hands on time is weighing greens and charging.

4oz is a good batch for me. It gives me ~100g of roasted coffee good for 5 brews. I usually roast 4-5 different beans at a time (takes less than 1 hr total). A total of 400-500g of coffee is good for 1-2 weeks. If I really want/need a larger batch, then I take out my old Behmor which can theoretically roast up to 1lb greens, but in practice, the limit is about 10 oz for FC roast and 12 oz for lighter. It can't roast dark but I don't like dark roast (past 2C) so that is fine for me.
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Before I got the SR800, I would do 3 roasts back to back for about 280g green (lasts me about 3 weeks). Since there's no preheat time and roasts are usually done in 7min, it would take ~30-40 min to get done (I'd run a cool cycle between roasts while weighing out beans etc.). So similar times to a small home drum roaster if you factor in the warmup time. The SR now does the full 280g, so I just do that. Unless I only have ~100g of beans at the end of the bag, I'm sampling a nice "expensive" bean, or if I'm cupping between different profiles.


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So a yield of about half a pound of beans in under an hour. That's reasonable. I guess. How does it compare to more expensive roasters in terms of time/yield?

Three weeks for half a pound? For me that would last about 6 days. For some people it would be a lot less.