Sweet Maria's Ecotact Green Coffee Storage Bag

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#1: Post by jevenator »

I was wondering who else picked these up from SM's and what do you think of them? Have you figured out a way to be able to vacuum out most of the air and then seal it with the built-in zip-seal?

The "9 multi-layers" feels like 1 thick piece of plastic. They do feel durable and that they will hold up for quite a long time and do seem to give a peace of mind. For coffees that I will roast within a month, I transfer over to a reusable foodsaver bag with that attachment but they seem to wear out and are not airtight after 2-3 uses because of micro-tearing that occurs somehow.

I'm curious what would be the benefit of just keeping 10lb's of beans for 3-4 months either in these bags or breaking it up 3.33-5 lbs and vac sealing it.

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#2: Post by bicktrav »

I saw SM announce these a while back. It's a cool idea. Roastmasters occasionally ships in Ecotact, and I like the bags a lot. That said, green last quite a while in plain old ziplocks, so I haven't invested in SM's packaging. If I were planning to store for a long time, meaning upward of 4 months or so, I'd probably go with Ecotact, but I don't typically hang onto greens that long. Still, glad SM is offering them. If I need longer term storage for small quantities, I'll definitely grab some.

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#3: Post by yakster »

I've got some of my greens stored in 1 gallon 7 mil Mylar bags that were less expensive in bulk that I think work pretty well but you don't want to bend or fold Mylar because the layers can delaminate on you at the corner of the fold. Do these plastic Ecotact bags probably have that problem? Also my Mylar bags block the light as well.

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Their documentary blog post is here: https://library.sweetmarias.com/green-c ... etic-bags/
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