Sweet Maria's East Africa XL

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I was thinking of trying this set to change it up: https://www.sweetmarias.com/xl-east-af ... e-set.html. I normally use their blends, my favorite right now being their Moka Kadir. Thoughts on this? I usually prefer Full City + roasts so maybe not a good fit for me?

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They are all bourbons, so they will take full city roasts. The tasting notes are for lighter roasts, so they won't be accurate for you. You'll get some of the noted flavors if you roast them fast. In East African bourbons and SL28s, the roast flavors are more spice cake than chocolate. I do not know any of these particualr coffees myself; but my experience with darker roasted Rwandan and Burundi bourbons has been good.
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The Burundis I've had this year have been nice and the flavor profiles of the ones I've had and the listed notes from SM would lend themselves to full city. I was tempted to pick this up but I've got too much sitting around as is.