Sweet Maria's 15% off Greens for June in partnership with Flair Espresso [VIDEO]

Discuss roast levels and profiles for espresso, equipment for roasting coffee.
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#1: Post by baldheadracing »

Site sponsor Flair Espresso just put out an excellent introductory video on home coffee roasting, 22:37 long.
Sweet Maria's partnered with Flair to help get you off to a good start with a 15% OFF discount on your entire green coffee purchase. The offer expires 30 days from now, at the end of June, so don't sleep on it! Use the code "FLAIR-ROAST" at check-out to get your discount.
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#2: Post by CarefreeBuzzBuzz »

This Brazil Patrocínio Fazenda Escalada looks like a great blender for espresso with anaerobic coffee like the Klatch Ethiopia Uraga Guji Anaerobic Natural GR1.

Nothing else at SM caught my eye.
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#3: Post by Iowa_Boy »

Has anyone tried the two Yemen coffees they currently have? Tempted by those.


#4: Post by olutheros »

the Peru El Paraiso Yoner Arevalo is really interesting, so fruity it seems almost like a honey, not like anything washed from Peru i've had before


#5: Post by olutheros »

also thanks for this coupon code!

used it to buy a couple of the new crop Kenyas they listed last night and the Inzá coffees, which were all really good last year


#6: Post by barqy »

have you roasted this for pour over? is it more berry fruit? looking to buy some if so.

thank you.


#7: Post by Iowa_Boy »

Got some of the Yemen Moka Matari, along with some of the Yemen Al Qafr Hawari, and the SM Moka Kadir. Excited to try these!
And today I see there is another Yemen (Bani Haraz) that just came in. Tempting as well.


#8: Post by olutheros »

barqy wrote:have you roasted this for pour over? is it more berry fruit? looking to buy some if so.

thank you.
No, or at least not remotely as berry-like as any number of african coffees or naturals.


#9: Post by barqy replying to olutheros »

ah okay, i'm tempted to try it given the SM description, sounds like may be worth trying given the price!


#10: Post by Campisi »

Thanks for posting that code!
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