Sumatra Mandheling GR1 DP on Ikawa Roaster

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Likely too early to post this without letting them rest, but I got a bag of Sumatran this past week from Rhoads. Could not find an existing Ikawa recipe, so I thought I owed other Ikawans a share on the experience.

Started researching and a lot of folks roast Sumatrans medium to dark. But I really don't care for dark roast espresso. So after looking at suggestions from folks shooting for something a bit lighter I tried a fast rate of rise initially, like an Ethiopian but not to the same extent, and then a fairly standard roast / development adjusting peak temperature and roast duration. Just did 25 gram batches, and tasted them as an espresso, tweaking the setpoints to make sure there was no hint of grassiness from going too light, or char from going too long. I don't get as much flavor, or the same flavors a minute after roasting versus waiting a week... but in order I got sweet, earthy, chocolate, and then a delayed taste of cardamom. First crack at 4:15. Fingers crossed I get a few more flavors after it rests a while.