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since Nesco had a recall, i had to send my Nesco in. so now i just have my stovepop motorized that i usually use for larger batches. very interested in getting into roasting and want to use artisan, but it's a bit overwhelming for a noobie like me.

i saw many listed on their side, but which would you recommend to be the most easiest to setup with (without using coding or anything) and is also easily acquired through amazon US site?

i'm planning on getting K type.. trying to find one that is long enough (BT) to poke from the top lid down into the beans area close enough where it doesn't touch the bottom and another one for the ET. i'll be using my macbook to run the artisan.

thanks in advance.
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A lot of folks on this forum use Phidgets. They are easy to get connected and working with Artisan and very reliable. Also great support. Not sure you can get them on Amazon however.