Ethiopia Naturals roast thread

Discuss roast levels and profiles for espresso, equipment for roasting coffee.
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Edit: I changed this thread to be for any Ethiopian Natural folks are roasting. I'm sure we'll see a lot of them showing up in the coming months and maybe this can be a spot to share your roasting and cupping notes.

So! Anyone else roasting some new arrival Eth DPs? Please share your results! What did you like, or not. Hopefully this community can help each other make good buying choices.


I'll start it off with Hambela Buliye, a Guji from Sweet Maria's. I'm drinking the first batch I did and it's really impressive.

This was my first swing at it. Based on what we're drinking I'm hesitant to change anything at all, it's quite good.

I dont know if Ill go any darker or lighter than this, as it felt like I got a lucky first try, its quite balanced. I might try the same roast level but shorter dry time, or longer maillard, etc. Not sure.

Pourover - 4 days post roast
The aroma didn't impress me much when I first roasted it, but after a while it started to smell nice. The ground coffee smells good, but doesn't give credit to the flavor found in the cup. Certainly the strawberry notes are hard to taste past for me. Noticeable acidity, but it's the kind I like that gives plenty of flavor then disappears and doesn't linger into a bad aftertaste. Strong! I need to try with a bit less coffee or a bit more water next time. There was a slight vegetal flavor I associate with coffee roasted too light (for me), but it wasn't enough to ruin my cup and I'm hoping that will change as the coffee ages.

Espresso - 6 days post roast
I drink my espresso with a bit of milk and foam and this one was amazing that way. Enough body to support the milk, but with lots of fruit flavors that were unique and pleasant. Again, strawberry forward. Extracts nicely, seems to have not much CO2, as the crema was mild and controlled for only 6 days post roast. Got two thumbs up from my mother in law and wife as well, despite not tasting like typical espresso. Really good!

Any comments/discussion welcome.

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From here it appears you are increasing heat throughout the roast. Most do it the other way around.

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Yes, I'm on a fluid bed roaster and doing small .5lb batches, so I have to run it quite differently. Practically no thermal mass in the roast chamber, so it runs a lot like an etch-a-sketch. It's convenient in some ways, very difficult in others.


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I too roast on a homemade fluid bed. What air temps are you running to get to FC at around 7:30. I'm still pretty green with it. I have been starting at around 330 deg and bumping to around 500 at minute 4. My roaster


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I've did two roasts of this coffee yesterday, but haven't tasted either. My roaster is a wobble-disk flour sifter over a propane burner -- its hard to control and I am definitely not a roasting expert.

Anyway, in the first I dropped 90 seconds after start of FC, and tried to keep BT from going too high during FC.


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In the second, I tried to extend drying a bit and then move through ramp to get to FC quicker. This one I dropped 30s into FC, I guess it is an attempt at a Wendelboe Nordic roast:

I'll report back when I try them. Probably will be a while until I get into the second (lighter) one.

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I wrote a response to both Nick and Eric but it seems to have disappeared. I'll write it up again when I have a little more time!

But also, I decided to change this thread to be for anyone roasting up an Ethiopian DP. I'm sure we'll see a lot of new arrivals in the coming months and I'll definitely be trying many of them, so I figured why not make it open ended.


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I have a lot of those beans in my cellar for sure and am looking forward to trying them all!

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FWIW most of the time you want to give Ethiopian Naturals a little breathing room in development to bring out the fruits. For a typical medium-light (how I enjoy most Ethiopian Naturals) I'll target 15-20F over FC within 1:30-1:45min. Some naturals can be enjoyed with less development but naturals typically don't take to lighter roasts as well as washed.

Looking forward to taste impressions! I'm still getting through a nice Guji Hambela G1 from Royal but will be looking for more soon.


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That's why I have a couple roasts with different development time. I recall reading that one can drop early in FC or towards the end, but not on the middle. For me that is 30s or 90-120s. So that is consistent with your suggestion.

I don't know if anyone else has read this thread, but the current discussion is a logical continuation.

Tips for roasting an Ethiopian natural

Most of it is a bit over my level as a roaster. But there is a discussion of developing these beans before FC, so you can drop early and still have proper development. That's what I was aiming for by stretching out drying in tue first roast I posted. Longer time in FC would make that irrelevant.

Other times I've gone so light with these, it's a couple weeks before the flavors peak.