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Discuss roast levels and profiles for espresso, equipment for roasting coffee.
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jramey0406 wrote:I too roast on a homemade fluid bed. What air temps are you running to get to FC at around 7:30. I'm still pretty green with it. I have been starting at around 330 deg and bumping to around 500 at minute 4. My roaster video
My inlet temps are shown as the red line on the graph I posted. Mine is profiled, but that's pretty unnecessary if you want to approach it more simply. If I were running it manually, I'd probably start my ramp to 500 at more like 2:00 and try to finish it by 5:00 or so. But of course every home roaster is quite different.
Cranked wrote:I've did two roasts of this coffee yesterday, but haven't tasted either. My roaster is a wobble-disk flour sifter over a propane burner -- its hard to control and I am definitely not a roasting expert.
Those look good! Let us know how each one cups.
Milligan wrote:FWIW most of the time you want to give Ethiopian Naturals a little breathing room in development to bring out the fruits. For a typical medium-light (how I enjoy most Ethiopian Naturals) I'll target 15-20F over FC within 1:30-1:45min. Some naturals can be enjoyed with less development but naturals typically don't take to lighter roasts as well as washed.

Looking forward to taste impressions! I'm still getting through a nice Guji Hambela G1 from Royal but will be looking for more soon.
Glad to hear your take on this! Any other feedback or tips I'm very interested in.

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Good tips here. I'm a big fan of Ethiopian naturals, and tend to roast them for espresso. In my opinion, 20F or so gives a great blend of fruit and chocolate, while being very easy to extract with great body.

Another thing that I've found to be important with coffee with prominent acidity is the time to yellowing/drying end/ when my roasts get to 315F. If this phase of the roast is too fast, the coffee can be a bit too aggressive in it's acidity, while lacking sweetness and balance. Conversely, if too slow, the coffee can be flat and bland. Mostly i adjust charge temperature to target this variable, but also the initial gas setting to some degree. I've found the initial gas setting can't be adjusted too much, or it will affect the time of the later phases too much. Not sure how this can be applied to a fluid bed, but hope this is helpful.


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I tasted my two roasts this morning as espressos. So much for waiting...

In the darker the dominant flavor was jammy blueberry/blackberry. Lots of body, I wasn't expecting it to be so heavy. The pie filling descriptor certainly applies. Balanced acidity. Not much chocolate. I could see taking this roast deeper because the fruit can certainly stand up to some roast flavors.

In the lighter roast, there was not nearly as much body, and presented more acidity. Much more or a fresh blueberry flavor than the pie filling type in the darker version. There was a bit of a toasty flavor, that I'm not sure how to describe. I don't think it was underdeveloped.

I enjoyed both, and am curious to see how they evolve.

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Ok, finished my second roast of Buliye. I was aiming for a 3:00 drying period but only managed 3:20. And even that was a bit odd, I mark dry end when I stop seeing any sign of green on the beans, but these seemed green for another 5 or 10 seconds beyond when I marked it.

Other than that the roast is fairly similar to the first. Looking at it now, I'm seeing that development is 0:10 shorter, hmm. Not as big of a difference in weight loss as I was hoping for, but .2% is still something. I'm curious to see how it cups, I'll give it a try in 4 or 5 days.

I also tried my last batch at day 8 as pourover again and it was really splendid. Slightly less complex, but the small amount of "light roast flavor" that I tasted on day 4 was all but gone. Very drinkable, I had too much. Continues to make great espresso.

Just got one pound of Wolenso Dabessa from SM to try out. I know its not a new arrival but if anyone has experience with it feel free to throw it at me.

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Thanks for confirming I'm doing something wrong. I've been roasting these hoping for the claimed aromas, but always end up with intense florals, sometimes into warm spices, but never berry. I will begin aging.