Smola Roaster Upgrade - Profile Advice

Discuss roast levels and profiles for espresso, equipment for roasting coffee.
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Hi all,

Newbie here.

I have just imported a nice fluid bed Smola roaster from China, and I like it a lot. It came with a curve tracer unit but only for passive monitoring.

So I got myself a TC4+, ripped out the internals and rebuilt it to benefit from PID heating control.

I have it all working now, and I'm roasting quite well; my temps may be reading a few degrees high, so I will find a unit to try and calibrate them better.

My question is about the profiles; when you get a new machine that no one seems to have done anything with yet, coupled with a bean you have never roasted before, how do you know a good starting profile? Is there anywhere where there is a library of potentials? Or is it 'start with a basic universal profile and see how it goes'?

I just used the RoasterScope designer to design a generic, and here it is roasting a Vietnam Lam Dong bean:

Any comments on the profile would be greatly accepted...

Many thanks

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Michael to Michael

Since you ripped out the internals, rip out your own tastebuds - Just kidding, not literal, but relevant.
Do you have a baseline of what you like from other coffee. Either how dark measured with a meter or how many degrees past FCs.

I don't know of fluid beds like this but on a drum roaster here would be my advice:
Shoot for the following phase percentages: 45,35,20.
Shoot for a degrees past first crack start that you might enjoy.
Only your tastebuds will know for sure. If you don't have a color meter, degrees after FCs is a good place to start. Also note roasting a Robusta bean is less common here. Most are roasting Arabica and are likely lighter than what you might find of interest. If my assumption is right.
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