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Fluid Bed Roast Log on Google Sheets

Here's a tool I've been working on to log and help profile my air roasts. It's like logging the times and temperatures on paper but you don't need a pen and you get a graph and some basic roast metrics at the end of the roast. It's helped me make my roasts more repeatable. It's also helped me more easily match roast characteristics and defects to roast phases and temperatures to plan better for subsequent roasts.

The roast log is best suited for owners of small air roasters that can't or don't want to interface a thermocouple to a computer but have a computer handy. Talk about limiting an audience :D

Let me know if you find it useful, or if there's anything I could add to or edit on the template.


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Nice work!

Less know: Artisan can be used for manual logging as well. Here is the setup:

1) set main device type to NONE (menu Config >> Devices)

2) enable Event button and disable event markers (menu Config >> Events)

3) set sampling interval to its minimum (menu Config >> Sampling)

Start recording and enter data by pressing the EVENT button (or simply press the space bar). Note that no decimals are accepted as input.

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Oh that's interesting, I didn't know you could use Artisan without thermoprobe connectivity. I'll take a look, why reinvent the wheel!