Skywalker v2 - 400 gram batch & Artisan for ~$500?

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The current v1 model already supports this batch size and provides control over heat and fan, as well as an easy way to drop the beans for cooling (unlike for example the Gene Cafe and Behmor). With the v2 coming later this year (according to the manufacturer) and adding support for Artisan software I think I'll finally upgrade from the Gene Cafe, after 14 years of service. I was planning to upgrade to the Bunafr roaster, but at 3 times the price of the Skywalker v2 I don't think i can justify it.

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This is a revival of an old design from way back; and been gaining popularity lately. Both in electric and gas powered versions. One Taiwanese roaster has been on the market for awhile. The gas versions have a burner mounted to the faceplate jetting a flame inside the drum.全熱風烘豆機

Looks to be promising, lets see how this machine works out.

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Not sure the Skywalker would last another 14 years of service.

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A 400g batch roaster for $500 would be fantastic... but I have a reservation on any newer roaster in that price range for its quality. I would love to replace the Behmor with anything that can roast 1lb of greens. But the cost is the issue. I don't want to spend $3000 and up on for my hobby.

With 4 small electric roasters, I have used in the past 15+ years, they all paid for themselves. My current cost of home-roasted coffee is $11.25/lb which includes the cost of the capital equipment. If I have to pay more than what would cost to buy roasted coffee I like from a store, that will be the day I quit home roasting.
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