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baldheadracing wrote:Interesting! I have the RoastVision for colour readings - it seems to prefer a very fine grind; I use a Turkish hand grinder for preparing samples. However, it is different from a Tonino or other colorimeters as it only uses a few beans' worth of grinds for a sample.
My statement also holds for the RoastVision. By sifting you get more precise readings. Stating it the other way around: particle size and its distribution in the sample matters. I don't know the RoastVision thus I cannot comment for which particle size its scales were designed. With the Tonino you can take measures from just 7g. By applying sifting you need more ground coffee depending on the ratio of particles in the 300-500µm range produced by your grinder for the specific beans. Note that this ratio varies based on your grinder, grind settings and the roast. My observations are that lighter beans produce less fines with the same grinder and grind settings than darker roasted beans.


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buckersss wrote:Hi All,

Do people make a habit of sorting green beans to a specific size before roasting for better results?

If yes, are there any economical sieves anyone would recommend? I saw the Kruve bean sieves, they seem like not a bad option for the price but I couldn't find any reviews.

I skimmed the iso 4150 standard. ... 0-2011.pdf

Are there any other specific techniques that one should use?

The cheaper sieves don't seem to have any oblong peabody sieves, is this an issue? What else might these consumer options be "missing" when compared to the more professional/commercial offerings?

Thanks for any insight you can provide!
Uff, too much work for me at this stage of life! Would be interested to see the results though.
I can barely taste the impact of removing quakers, so I'm curious if the impact is easily perceived.

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The only time that I sorted by size was when I was roasting with beans that would fall out of the mesh drum in the Behmor.

LMWDP # 272


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buckersss wrote: I do get significant variations in colouring between beans when I roast.
I found myself taking measures to improve roast uniformity (pre-sorting, extending development) - then I read the thread on blending roasts (TLDR: do it!) - now I'm conflicted. Maybe variations in the roasted beans are a good thing? Granted, color variations due to defects = bad, but do all color variations = bad?

I'm sure it's a strong function of the particular roasting hardware, but I haven't observed a strong correlation between size and roast color. This picture is from a batch of Kona greens where their size sorting machine must have taken the day off:

The size variation post-roast was larger than pre-roast. There's probably a bigger difference inside the beans, but I can't bring myself to break them apart, given the novel size difference.