[PROMO] SCA Best New Product: Coffee Moisture & Density Meter, RoastRite RM-800

Discuss roast levels and profiles for espresso, equipment for roasting coffee.

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Introducing the Coffee Moisture & Density Meter that won the SCA's 2021 Best New Product, RoastRite RM-800.

As the title suggests, the meter measures moisture, density, and temperature of coffee beans. Including green, roasted, parchment, and cherry beans. When purchasing and roasting coffee, the Moisture & Density Meter is the essential tool to ensure the quality of the beans or the roast.

All items comes in a carrying bag, the meter and all accessories can fit in this compact and portable case.

The focus of the design is to be Durable, Intuitive, and Affordable.

  • Titanium coating for moisture & corrosion resistant, extra durable!

  • Rechargeable and replaceable lithium battery. A standard battery (18650) that can easily be purchased on line and replaced by users themselves.

  • No complicated boot up sequence or start up procedure.
  • One Button One Flow Operation. Just press the button once, then follow the on screen prompt to complete the measurement. Results are displayed in seconds. Up to 99 results can be stored and averaged.

  • Similar products can cost up to $3,000 or more, RM-800 Coffee Moisture and Density Meter is available at US$1,445:

    For North & South America:

    Acronova Store

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Does the RM-800 require recalibration?

Capacitive sensors can be quite inaccurate, in spite of what the marketing literature says. How does the RM-800 account for temperature differences between green and the probe? How does it compare to other capacitive sensors on the market?

roastrite (original poster)

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Recalibration is not necessary, RM-800 automatically re-calibrate with every boot up. If the result feels off, users can also use a 'Verify' function to check if the device is operating within the standards.

The RM-800 is a moisture meter designed specifically for coffee beans, and the temperatures of both the beans and environment are also measured and considered. With the variables are minimized, the stability and accuracy of the measurement is very promising within the commonly used moisture ratios.

The RoastRite RM-800 will be also be shown at SCA Expo 2021 in September, welcome to come and see the live demo!

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Due to the hurricane in New Orleans, COVID & the cancellation of competition, there will be no live demo at the Specialty Coffee EXPO.

However, flash promotion of RoastRite products is being offered this weekend at: https://www.acronova.com/special-offer/