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#131: Post by sonnyhad »

Awesome! I'm really liking the looks of this roaster! Wonder if the first load has his the beach yet?

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#132: Post by CraigA »

Excellent!!, I want one too!!! :D

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#133: Post by sonnyhad »

Awesome, glad to see these starting to arrive and look forward to your reports!


#134: Post by Lowlander »


Thank you for your review! I was not so brave like you and waited to see the reviews.
I'm looking to buy exactly the same setup as you have bought, only I live I Norway where we have 230V.
Can you be so kind and make a picture of the bean cooler and steering arms.
Looking forward to see more pictures and read more reviews.


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#135: Post by hankua »

congratulations on the new roaster!
It's got more bells and whistles than all the rest. Look forward to seeing how you use the gas and air controls for roasting.


#136: Post by kboom1 »

congrats, looks great. I missed out on the first batch but keeping my figers crossed to get in on the 2nd round. You will have to do a closeup for us of your bean cooler with the paddles.

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#137: Post by CraigA »

Yes, lots of close up pics if you can please!
Also looking at the start of this thread page 1, there are three displays we can see.

I'm guessing here, but is the bottom one MET, next one up ET, & the top one BT? Then on your latest pic on page 14, there is still the bottom display., but is the 2nd display now a combined 2 line display of ET & BT?


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#138: Post by another_jim »

I split off JavaMD's installation pics and initial review into a new thread
Jim Schulman

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#139: Post by TomC (original poster) »

I think this thread can change now just to highlight changes in design or problems, troubleshooting, etc. I doubt Jim wants to split off a new thread for each individual member who buys one and wants to write individual reviews on them.


#140: Post by sonnyhad »

yakster wrote:Agreed. I'm not prepared to upgrade from my Behmor yet, but seeing this in person could be a problem for me.
Oh yeah, a real problem indeed!!