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Mbb wrote:I understand that roasters can request and get provided with small samples of beans from producers. These are like 1 lb or such. If you want to be able to try it a couple of different ways then a hundred grams is a good size sample. Probably no more than 200 g.
I'd always heard that sample sizes were closer to 100 - 200 grams, but it probably varies depending on the importer and your business relationship.

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I believe sample size also depends on the cost and quantity on hand of the coffee in question along with the average order size of the receiver of the sample. When I was visiting a good sized roaster near me all the samples I saw were a pound or more.


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1lb samples are the norm when I request samples from importers. These are from coffees that they have on spot. I have zero experience with coffee direct from the processor so that may be much different.


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Ever see the show Dangerous Grounds? Where the guy travels the world looking for unique or outstanding coffees to buy for his shop? He brings a little flame operated hand rotated roaster doodad with him to roast the green on the spot, then he cups it. Then he makes his decision on what he finds in the cup there. He may buy everything that a producer can produce that season. I think it's on prime I watched a few seasons of it a couple of years ago