Rwanda - Kinini Village Natural

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Is anyone roasting this? I got it from showroom, and it's right up my alley - subtle, fruity, bit of chocolate, lots of body. The problem I'm having is that it's quite tricky to roast: wide distribution of bean sizes, from what looks like peaberry to pacas leading to uneven roasts; quite crashy for a natural; has a nasty tendency to flick, producing a roasty finish.

Anyone have any tips on coffees like this? I'd like to roast this like an Ethiopian natural, but this seems far less forgiving...

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Here's a semi-successful light roast - around where I roast for brewed coffee.

I found that a slightly stretched development and maillard reduces the unevenness compared to my earlier faster roasts. After 3 days, tasting as an aeropress, it has a lot of fruit, some floral notes and fantastic body, hint of milk chocolate on the finish. Still has a slightly wild natural note that may well reduce over the next couple of days. I've found that very dense naturals like this can do well with even 2-3 weeks of rest.