ROR Crash After Drying Phase/Green to Yellow

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First let me start by saying that I am roasting in colder conditions in a garage with the garage cracked. I'm roasting on a Mill City 1kg. Here's my issue (and I've tried many different beans, and changed different variables at different roasts to see what the problem is, and I still get this crazy weird crash in my ROR on every roast for every bean right after g2y and can't figure out why? After it crashes, it comes back up to where it should be and then I can control the roast again. These are just some examples of the RORs. If you guys have any ideas please let me know! Thanks you.

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The question you should be asking, is it worth worrying about at all? You would never be able to determine if this makes any difference to the end result.

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That's kind of how I've been looking at it too. I just let it ride out, and then cup and see. I was just curious as to what's happening and if anyone has any idea what's going on. But you're right, and thank you for the response!

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Can you post a graph with your gas and air changes included?

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Also post a graph with zero smoothing. Have seen this with some other machines too.
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Are you storing your beans in the cold garage? If so, move them into the house.

Batch size?

2mm Mill City probes?

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Alan may have nailed it. 2mm probes. I too have seen this artifact after dry and I'm thinking it very well an outside environment issue. I've had this kind of trouble when I roast with the garage door wide open and the machine moved near the door with the wind blowing.

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DE crash 1 year ago. Hot in January.