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luca wrote:It has been a long time since I read Rob's book, but my recollection was that he was saying that lots of things in roasting are tradeoffs. When he wrote about "complexity", I read that as meaning "added aromas from the roast, perhaps from maillard reaction products, but probably from other browning and other reactions as well". I didn't read it as saying "better".

Eg. if you take your flawlessly clean, bergamot, apricot, lime zest and jasmine washed Panama Esmeralda geisha and you mute all of those aromas a little and add some char, roast beef and smoke through the roasting process, you have most certainly made the cup more "complex", in the sense that you have added more aromas.
That may be right. I interpret complexity to mean origin-based notes, e.g., florals, rather than notes related to the roast process, e.g., browning/char, but the word can be taken any number of ways. The other Maillard-related claim was that extended Maillard phases increase body, which I'm not sure about. In any case, I have not found extended Maillard phases result in improved roasts. But of course, it's all completely subjective.