Roasting times - too short? too long?

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I've been trying to get a good grasp of a few things lately and one is time.
What are some "Guidelines" or "rules of thumb" to follow for roast times? i know they'll differ kind of from drum and fluid bed and i'm dealing with a fluid bed (SR800).
I just want to make sure that i'm not making a roast go too long or too short.
What are some general guidelines to make sure i'm not going too long or too short?
This was some averages that i found... I usually like to roast fairly light, almost never going to 2nd crack.

green to yellow in 3-6min (327*)
yellow to first in 3-5 min (393*)
first to finish in 1-4 min (415*-426*)

is that a decent rule of thumb to follow? obviously, I would love to tweak this, but want to make sure i'm not going to underroast the beans or overroast and burn.
as I start roasting more with thermocouples, i'm trying to pay attention now that i can.

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green to yellow in 3 is too fast. 4 is fine. Yellow will come before 327°.
After yellow 1C time will solely depend on heat as you probably already have that figured out. From chg. to 1st 7 minutes. Just a guess on my behalf.