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Discuss roast levels and profiles for espresso, equipment for roasting coffee.

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thanks, I typically zap away during the commercials but this one was welcome!

Will try 209-212'C next as SC probably is too much for me
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Excellent infomercial indeed! 1 question though: For the first phase, doe it start from the peak, the turn, or 0:00?
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I don't recall and won't be on a computer for 10 days.
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This is the med - dark classic comfort roast blend, a couple degrees before 2nd crack starts, 15.9% weight loss. Filter roast in background for contrast, 50% capacity was around 11.5% weight loss and still cracking.

Blend is simple, good quality yellow bourbon Brazil natural, 15% washed Colombia, 15% washed PNG or for the more adventurous swap out one for Ethiopia natural. Not hitting 2nd crack holds up pretty well over time, as previously stated for espresso day 10 - 14 are probably peak flavour with ease of extraction, its kind of just what most people expect to taste like "coffee".
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I'm observing the profiles posted so far, run from 10 to 13 minutes... Is that because of the equipment (takes longer to reach higher temperatures), or is it intentional? Is duration an essential aspect of roasting dark?


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Its a bit of both for me, i can make the 50% batch into a fast dark roast easily also with the same shape of ror. This might have a bit more acidity accompanied by acrid burnt roast flavours - smoke = over development.
So for this roast level the amount of "stuff" in the drum is not enough to be able to develop the desired comfort darker roast flavours without burning.

There are plenty of quite light to med roasters also roasting 10 - 13min. Tim Wendelboe probably the most well known example, quite a light colour with very "developed" flavours and very soluble filter roasts. This is prob 30kg in 35kg machine which roasts primarily using air.

At the other end something like Kaffelogic - hot rod pop corn popper I was roasting similar tasting dark roasts as a drum in 9 - 10 min without burnt flavours.

The difference is making something well developed and your desired end colour (temp) vs just making it what colour you want.