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Discuss roast levels and profiles for espresso, equipment for roasting coffee.
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cpl593h wrote:Jim, I have to hand it to you... Your 50/50 Cenaproc/IMV blend roasted using your latest profile method is sheer delight as both espresso and drip. I need to tweak it a little more, but it's a winning forumla.
Don't forget to down dose your espresso, 12 to 14 grams in the double, or 6 to 7 in the single, and grind finer -- these lighter blends profit from high extraction rates (the lower the dose and finer the grind, the higher the percentage weight extracted from the puck), since they get sweeter and more caramelly that way.
Jim Schulman

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Yes yes, I've been following your underdosing technique closely. I've had good luck with that for a variety of coffees.

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Glad it's working out for you. I think I'm getting a reputation as "that extraction crank."
Jim Schulman


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another_jim wrote:I'm sort of fixed on

0 - 1 min to 250F (basically top speed)
1 - 4 min to 300F (drying phase, an absolute must)
4 - 7 min to 380F (top speed again, the longer you're here, the worse it tastes)
7 - 11/12 min to the end, 11 for brewing, 12 for espresso (balance fast vividness and slower sweetness)

But I'm now experimenting with an extra step, slowing down to 10f per minute through the first crack, and speeding to 15f/min afterwards. I'm hoping this will produce a better tradeoff of vivid and sweet. It'll take a few months before I can decide.
Jim, thanks for this info. I used it while roasting some sample blends in my PI last week and while I was unable to get the beans as far into second crack as I usually like, the result (particularly after 5 days' rest) was outstanding. Just finished it this morning and it was great.