Roasting the Java varietal

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Hey fellow HB roasters!

I've got 100g left of my Java varietal sample. Central American estate, medium altitude, washed.

My first effort on the Huky was pretty good but (very full body, super smooth, herbacious, Maduro cigar smoke, modest acidity). Very pleasant but not getting a "flavor potential nearly rivaling a Geisha" as suggested by the WCR. Nor am I getting a ton of structure which I typically anticipated in washed coffee's. My people have very good ties with the estate and I've gotten their coffee's multiple times. I've been known to just buy whatever my importer brings in from them as I've never been disappointed.

I'm just wondering what roast modifications are in line as I'm not super familiar with Java variety only. I did a balanced profile on the Huky - 50% to yellow, 35% Malliard, 15% FC to drop: 1:15 (just finished 1st crack, no flick), 7C change. 8 minute roast.