Roaster upgrade: Huky 500?

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#1: Post by jmfrank »

I'm on the inevitable hobbyist train of upgrading my equipment. I started with a FreshRoast air roaster, and I've been using a behmor 1600 for the last year. I've been having lots of fun, but i'm sick of the massive variation since neither of these are really capable of allowing me to follow a temperature profile. My behmor is starting to fail, and i'm looking at upgrading. My main desire is to have a the ability to log data. I would really like to get more familiar with how to determine an optimal roast profile when I get a new bag of beans.

Someone in my area is selling a used huky 500. They're including some extras, including a thermocouple with usb output for logging temperature on Artisan. They're asking $1100. To me, it's a little high. But I'm wondering what are your thoughts on what's a reasonable price for something like this. Ad is here: ... 15209.html

My budget is something like $800-1000. It seems quite hard to find a roaster that can do temperature logging in that price range. There are some gimmicky products like the Sandbox smart R1. ... aster.html. This almost seems like cheating!

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#2: Post by Chert »

By the time I decided to buy a Huky, like you I had done enough of it to know I really enjoy it.

I've thought about a larger roaster, but I haven't seen anything, except perhaps the Cormorant in it's size class, that I would have chosen over the Huky.

I don't think you would do much better than that price for a complete setup. If you study the Huky very much you would see people upgrading to the probes with less interference, but the listing doesn't specify . I finally upgraded to a T setup so I don't have to remove the J pipe every batch.

The listing doesn't specify what probes and interface are connnected and it states Huky T but that images look liek Huky J. You might want to get more information and perhaps see it, since it is being sold by 2nd or later owner.

Anyway, I've roasted happily on my heavily modified Artisan connected Huky setup and don't plan to move on, thousands of roasts in.
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#3: Post by hankua »

I'd go get it, I have a similar setup with the J-pipe, nothing wrong with that. It also has the perforated drum and motor, a $100 optional part. So it's obvious the roaster has the solid drum and 72rpm motor. looks like an Amprobe meter for manual or datalogging, two screens and fan control slider. Just about everything except the ET thermocouple, dial thermometer instead. Whoever ordered the Huky bought the optional MET probe instead of the ET probe. In order to put an ET probe into its respective placement requires a custom fitting that's is difficult to find. Either buy it from Mr. Li or get an 1/4" npt to 1/8" npt reducer and re-tap it to M8; move the MET probe. Otherwise if it runs OK and still in decent shape, go take a look with some cash in hand.

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#4: Post by Marcelnl »

I bought mine years ago for around 1800 (perforated drum T type, like 2 years old at the time), and have never doubted that purchase.
Parts are available and it's a robust enough machine capable of delivering great results.
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#5: Post by Brewzologist »

I'm in my 8th year with the Huky. Ditto what others have said. I've modded the heck out of it. Figure I can keep it running forever even if Mr. Li closes up shop.