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Hi I have a new Huky 500 and we roasted 3 batches of 250 grams of beans in each roast. Can you guys take a look at these profiles and let me know what I can do to improve the roasts. I have never roasted coffee beans before we just finished with the break-in beans and started to use these good beans. The Columbia tastes very good we tried it out out. I only have these on PDF so I have to take photos with my phone. Still trying to figure out how to save the roast profiles in Artisan so I just save them in PDF form for now.

Thank You

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If the coffee tastes very good then I'd say don't do a thing just repeat what you did.

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Looks like you're carrying too much heat into first crack. That's a high RoR to go into first crack with.

You're getting to yellow pretty quick, you have room to use less heat and slow down and that should allow you to get your momentum down in the late browning stage before first crack

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1) Yes, very hard to read those profiles so please upload a better format from Artisan.
2) Also, recommend you setup Artisan to enable logging of events (gas, fan) so that they appear in the profiles. Hard to make suggestions to improve things if we can't see when you made changes during a roast.
3) I notice you are roasting 3 different coffees. Pick one and roast with it until you achieve the overall control/results you want. Thinking the Colombian/Mexican would be a good choice.
4) You cannot roast 250g batches on a Huky without risking the bean probe being uncovered during a roast, which will throw off your readings. Make your min batch size at least 300g and 350g is even better.

And remember heaven helps those who help themselves, so:

-- Definitely get Rao's "Coffee Roasting Best Practices" book and read it cover-to-cover several times if needed. Lots to learn here.
-- Also search "Huky" in the roasting forum as there are a lot of examples of new folks like yourself improving their early roasts, with profiles and suggestions included. Will save you a lot of wasted time and burned beans. 8) Here is one long thread to start with: 1st effort roasting on Huky 500T... advice?
-- And save this thread for when you're ready to begin upgrading your Huky: Huky Upgrade Thread (Probe, Motor & Fan Controls)
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Thank You for all the help and advice..