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Dear members

How to roast and set up profile for hard beans and high humidity beans without to add any acidity.
Temperature introduction
Turning point
Power heat
Air flow
How to manage the method during yellow and cinnamon phase to keep control under the development phase without any acidity and keep sweetness the coffee ?

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You need to give more info, either what you have or what you want to use.

Research these two names: Rob Hoos and Scott Rao. They explain roasting curves to generate sweetness and manipulate acidity. Search here on HB and look for their roasting books.
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Also, check out this Mill City Roasters series on YouTube if you can. Lots of good info on how to get started. ... zOzieMXJJg


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Roasting very dark and brewing with high alkalinity water will result in minimal acidity. (Taste is another thing...)

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My understanding is that a shorter roast preserves acidity and an extended roast develops body at the expense of acidity. Perhaps a longer roast will help. You can also blend with lower acidity coffee beans (Indonesian, Brazilian, Monsoon Malabar).


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I'm absolutely not recommending this as a practical thing, but if you're able to get the coffee dried out to <2% moisture prior to roasting (very low heat in a convection oven for a few hours can do it) you'll inhibit a lot of the reaction network responsible for acidity. (the roast will also go incredibly fast if you're not controlling for the lower initial moisture and first crack won't happen) Other answers already given are far more practical.