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Discuss roast levels and profiles for espresso, equipment for roasting coffee.
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Here's a roast I did yesterday that is working really well for espresso:


Roasting Info:

Bean: Panama Elida Natural
Roaster: USRC Sample Roaster
Charge Mass: 325g
Charge Temp: 360F
Dry/Ramp/Development: 3:15/3:13/1:09
FC-start temp: 382F
Finish Temp: 403F
Overall Roast Time: 7:37
Moisture Loss: 14%

Profile Plot:

[BT=Red, Exhaust=Green, Gas=Blue, Fan=Yellow]

This roast captured what I loved most about this coffee as a pour-over: the strawberry note is still present and lively, along with some port-wine complexity, plenty of caramel sweetness, and a rich, coating body. Despite the short development phase, the shots are fully extracted and well-balanced when pulled using a moderate dose, temperature, and grind size.
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My best profile with 26.5oz
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