Roast and Learn Together - September 2014

Discuss roast levels and profiles for espresso, equipment for roasting coffee.
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#1: Post by Boldjava »

CimarronEric is ordering the Sumatran coffee selected by Creative Nickname. We will get the ordering over here and out of the schedule thread.
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#2: Post by osanco »

I'm in for 10 lbs. :D

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#3: Post by cimarronEric »

Just creating a master greens order list to keep myself straight since we're in two different threads. Some big orders sofar. Please post your intentions to participate ASAP PM me how much you want and I'll get the order in this week. Already looks like we'll need 100 lbs, and I don't want to come up short :)

I think this is about as many as can be accommodated with the 100lbs I ordered, unless someone wants to decrease their distribution. The coffee should be arriving this week. I'll PM everyone individually about Paypal and USPS info.

creative nickname 10 lbs
Cammie 10
dynamiteid 5
tburres 5
osanco 10
bean2friends 5
Boldjava 2
Dregs 5
Jaxx2112 5
caffeinatedjen 5
espressojr 5
Ol'Timer 5
musicphan 5
Cimarron Coffee Roasters

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#4: Post by bean2friends »

I'd like 5 pounds please.

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Boldjava (original poster)
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#5: Post by Boldjava (original poster) »

Glad to grab 2 lbs if you wish to push orders that light in a flat rate envelope.

Thanks, B|Java
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#6: Post by Dregs »

I'd like to play, too, please. In for 5 lbs.




#7: Post by Jaxx2112 »

I'm up for this round. In for 5#.

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#8: Post by caffeinatedjen »

I'll take 5 pounds. I love Sumatran coffee, so far anyways.

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#9: Post by TomC »

We've had to deal with the headache of when distribution of goods go wrong here on the forum. For that reason alone, I ask that anyone who desires to buy green coffee on this forum do so by PM of the person directly and not turn a discussion thread into a sales platform. As well, going forward, if you have green coffee that you're selling to the forum body, it belongs in Buy & Sell and will adhere to those guidelines already established.

I'll leave the posts that are already in place, and I've PM'd those who've posted. This thread is for discussion only. Contact a seller via PM, they can maintain a master list in one post of what their quantities are.

Thank you.
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[creative nickname]

#10: Post by [creative nickname] »

I'm excited to see such a large group planning to participate, especially after a slow August! Personally, I'm going through a bit of withdrawal since I made my last shot of the Aek Nauli yesterday. I think we will all have a lot of fun exploring this unusually clean Sumatran green.

And in case anyone is still sitting on the fence, and wasn't following the R&L Scheduling thread, here's a link to the Shrub's write-up: ... ek-nauli-0.
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