Roast and Learn Together - November 2013

Discuss roast levels and profiles for espresso, equipment for roasting coffee.
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#1: Post by Boldjava »

Let's start.

Time frame: November. Pls begin posting in November. Late arrivals can post past Nov but let's see if we can focus for roasting together and fine tuning the roasts in November.

Coffee to be roasted:
Guat Huehue (WP) from Tono Sanchez: ... =side#4013 (Note, to save money, you may want to order December's coffee at the same time, a WP Yirge from the Gedeo Kochere Region selected by TomC. ... =side#3977 ) (Edit 7 Nov - the Gedeo Kochere is now sold out. Join us about mid-Dec for Jan and Feb selections).

Approach: Roast and cup. Suggestions:
  • * Out of the gate, stay away from Tom Owen's notes. Trust your palate and learn to cup or evaluate your coffee. Find others with whom to cup - learnings go up exponentially.
    * Once you have a couple of runs at the bean, go back to Tom's notes and see the points of similarity or departure at different roast levels. His notes are excellent "common points" to which we can refer.
    * Try several approaches to the roast. Keep good notes to provide back to the group on what worked and what you are learning. Time to first, what kind of heat application you used, time spent in first crack, time dumped, what kind of prep you are roasting for (pourover, espresso, etc), chaff amount.
    * Pay attention to elevation, processing (WP, DP, or semi-washed), variety (Bourbon, Caturra, etc), bean size, bean condition, learn harvest schedule for the region, smell of the green, fragrances while roasting, etc.
    * How does the bean cup at each roasting level. Any learnings from that?
    * Make sure you explicitly state your roaster and charge size.
    * Hold some greens back and apply what you have learned from others.
  • * Cup using SCAA protocol ( or
    * Evaluate at 4-5 days of rest, preparing the coffee with your typical preparation or
    * Any system you devise. Elaborate on your method. Here is just a sample template for those who are new to this and might want a starting point: Roast and Learn Together - General Discussion
    * Lots of tutorials out there. Review a few and try what works for you.
    * How does the coffee compare in brewed preparation vs espresso? What learnings do you have to share back on varietal, roast depth, etc from the bean?
Vocabulary. Please begin your posts with equipment on which you are roasting.
For commonality, please use Sweetmaria's definitions on: Swaps: Encouraged but not required. Arrange on your own via posts.

Enough already. Let's get started. We will structure as we go and our processes will change and improve as we gain experience together. Remember: Our goal is to learn, not debate. Our goal is to include all, not exclude. Behmor folks as well as SF-1 people are roasting. Find ways to encourage one another, not discourage. Don't be bashful. Jump in there.

Note for international participants: If SM's doesn't ship to your country, I will order at cost (plus $.50/lb) and ship internationally (at cost). 7-8 days to Asia and Europe; 10 days to Middle East. PM me by 10.29.13.

Who's in? Happy roasting, B|Java

BoldJava, St Paul, MN
Tamarian. Riyadh, Saudi Arabia
JavaMD, Puyallup, WA
Hankua, Jax'ville, FL
Lewis_ph, Tacoma, WA
caffeinatedjen, Traverse City, MI, cherry country
Dregs, 'burbs of Chi-town, IL
DynamiteID, Boise, ID, Bronco Blue country
Bean2Friends, Michigan City, IN
PShoe, Florida
TomC, Bay area, CA
Germantown Rob, Phillie, PA
Andy, Oregon
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#2: Post by JavaMD »

I'm in ... placed an order for 5# of each.


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#3: Post by hankua »

I'm in.


#4: Post by lewis_ph »

I'm in!!

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#5: Post by caffeinatedjen »

Great, I already had some of that Guatemalan coffee from my last order. 8)


#6: Post by Dregs »

I'm in. Greens ordered.


#7: Post by dynamiteid »

Count me IN. I already have the December coffee on the way. I will order up the November selection. Thanks for coordinating this.


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#8: Post by bean2friends »

My order is in too. And already you guys have forced me outside my comfort zone. I too ordered 5 pounds of each to give myself a chance at different roast profiles. Even though I normally roast in 2 pound batches, I figure I'll try 1 pound batches here.

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Boldjava (original poster)
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#9: Post by Boldjava (original poster) »

bean2friends wrote:My order is in too. And already you guys have forced me outside my comfort zone.
That's the spirit.
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#10: Post by pShoe »

Add me to the list; I have both coffees on the way.

For a little pre-roasting discussion, was there any specific reasons for choosing the Guat Huehue (WP) Tony Sanchez offering?