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Discuss roast levels and profiles for espresso, equipment for roasting coffee.
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johnlyn wrote:After exceptional espresso at home I brew a pot at the office (on a bonavita), and the complexity is crazy. It is now day 8 and this coffee is still peaking. This morning there are glimpses of rasberry and flavors of toasted almond. I am glad i bought ten lbs of this one and wish I had purchased 20.
I'm out, and sorry for it. Unfortunately, I've got too many other greens here and roasting "responsibilities" for them, to think about buying more BN23.

In spite of Brando's preference for relatively light, relatively fast roasts with this bean, my best results came with slower drying, faster ramp, and slower development. Even at the same temps (and levels) he recommended, my feeling is that BN23 benefited from a more laid-back style than he used.

Brando's espresso recipe gave me plenty of fruit, and not much in the way of bottom. My best espresso was unmistakably "Amaretto." Amaretto is not actually almond but apricot pit, and the espresso not only had the almond notes, but the sweet, mouth-coating qualities of apricot, with some vanilla as well.

I was hoping Paul would get the same thing, but the roast I sent him was profiled just a bit differently to bring out some complexity, and that seems to have pushed the apricot into pear. Not a bad thing, just a thing.

There are many things a Behmor can't do well, but it does laid-back just fine. So, I'm not surprised but very gratified that it worked for you.

Drop a nickel in the pot Joe. Takin' it slow. Waiter, waiter, percolator

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Roasting: Gene Cafe, 200g charge. A Bourbon.
  • Greens: One of the cleanest natural preps I have ever seen. Rivaled the Yemen Summer 2013 Red Marqaha.
    • 1C: 9.20
    • Pull: 11.35
    • Ended with city plus
    • The beans emitted the most pleasant fresh grape juice fragrance I have experienced in roasting.
  • • Pourover - 60g to 1L finished coffee, KONE/Chemex arrangement
    • Fragrance - Concord grape mash
    • Aroma - muscatel wine
    • Flavors/Nuances - fruit forward - raspberry, no bass. Touch of florals. Natural processing immediately apparent.
    • Body/mouthfeel - creamy, silky. Very clean.
    • Finish/aftertaste - consistent with cup/long lingering

    Excellent coffee, 87.75. Not my kind of cup.

    Shot - 15.5g in, 24g out, Cremina
    Delicate, creamy, raspberry, clean DP. Loved it.

    Cortado - touched remainder of shot with tight milk. Tart sweetness, creamy.

    Enjoyed this coffee as espresso/cortado. Good experience, will slow/turn down roast a bit for better development for pourover.
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boar_d_laze wrote:I'm out, and sorry for it. Unfortunately, I've got too many other greens here and roasting "responsibilities" for them, to think about buying more BN23.

You guys are killing me with these descriptions. I am in stash reduction mode :? :cry: :roll:
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