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Discuss roast levels and profiles for espresso, equipment for roasting coffee.
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My first attempt at the June coffee was good when cupped. At the time, I liked it, but didn't really think the espresso was interesting and I put it aside. I drank other coffees as I had roasted a variety for visiting friends.

Today, July 9th, I made a cup using the V60. I was surprised at every stage of drinking my mug. At Just Made, the flavors of sweet pink grapefruit and narcissa were very strong. In the middle of the cup I started getting a taste of orange cream-cicle and pumpkin spices, that lasted to the last cool swallow. This coffee was roasted on June 17th, 23 days ago! It was smooth, sweet, and balanced. What will tomorrow bring?

Here is my old post. Roast and Learn Together - June 2014
I thought I hadn't controlled the roast like I wanted. Surprise!
I haven't tried roasting this bean again yet; but I will soon!
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This thread is getting pretty sleepy, but I thought I'd post one more profile. This was a city+ roast that makes a spectacular shot of espresso:

Roasting Info:

Bean: Sidama Dereje Station
Roaster: HG/BM
Charge Mass:200g
Charge Temp: 325F
Dry/Ramp/Development: 4/3/3
Finish Temp: 421F
Overall Roast Time: 10:03
Moisture Loss: 16%

Profile Plot:

Cupping Notes:

Rest:4 days
Machine: Caravel (using the "single" basket, which is more like a 1.5 in terms of its capacity)
Grinder: HG-One, a bit coarser than usual
Water: 203F in tank, approx. 198F brew temp
Coffee: 12 g dose, 16g output.

Tasting Impression: Beautifully balanced, with floral overtones, sweet cherry and raspberry acidity, smooth milk chocolate and roasted almond distillates. Ample, mouth coating body. Lingering sweet finish. Probably my most successful espresso roast so far this summer.
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TomC wrote:This coffee had bucket loads of sugary sweetness and clean fruit. I just think it needs a fast, hard hitting roast profile that's kept pretty short. I never got too excited about Behmor roasts of tricky Ethiopian coffees.
Just came back to this bean and topic.

Thank you for that bit of advice, was able to roast it hard on the Behmor and got the first real enjoyable roast out of it. I got to first crack at 9:30 m and hit cool just after crossing 11 m roast time. Got a super sweet cup with almost like a ginger taste to it, very good.