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Discuss roast levels and profiles for espresso, equipment for roasting coffee.
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TomC wrote: (I bought the Aricha as well, just these two coffees).
Are you going to share your results with the Aricha in a new thread as well? It's about to be my first DP. I saw your thread from 2 years ago but would love to see your thoughts on this years crop.
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+1 That was the other coffee that I bought from SM.
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It was going to be the selection for this month, for the reasons stated in the thread, but this washed has some dynamite potential and even though I like seeing the trend of naturals scoring higher and gaining wider acceptance, it still seems that more people prefer a good washed Ethiopian to a natural.
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rgrosz wrote:+1 That was the other coffee that I bought from SM.
Same here, #5 of both.

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First cupping notes added.
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Second profile assessed. Very impressed. This coffee is incredible.
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I received my beans last night and just finished roasting (two batches of the Sidama Dereje and two of the Aricha). First time roasting in a couple weeks and I was rusty...I failed to juggle everything and my Artisan logging suffered. I missed logging basically all the milestones in Artisan, but managed to jot them down in my notebook. I only had 1lb of the Sidama, so no test runs and I played it safe. FWIW:

V1: my attempt to replicate Tom's successful roast - I was also excited to try this profile as I never been successful roasting with this short a development phase. NB: it is not easy to match Tom's profile!
185g charged @360 BT.
EOD @ 5:10
1Cs @9:20
Dropped @10:15 at a final temp of 1Cs+9f or about 10f/min during development.
Weight loss: 11.7%...uh oh...

6/7 (four day post-roast) cupping notes:
Fragrance - very floral w/ honeysuckle and perhaps hibiscus. Very slight hint of savoriness, perhaps toast or basmati rice.
Aroma - Earl Grey, very tea-like with little sugar browning
Brightness - yes! Crisp but not overwhelming citrus, maybe like a Meyer lemon?
Flavor - light lemon tea, beautiful and gentle, very floral, maybe some Asian pear. Pleasant sweetness, not overwhelming but more than enough to balance this out. Extremely clean and crisp.
Body - relatively thin
Aftertaste - nice clean light caramel linger.


V2: an attempt at a generic/baseline Ethiopian WP profile (4-4-2 w/6f-min post 1Cs) as a foil to V1. However, I botched the execution.
185g charged @375BT
EOD @ 4:35
1Cs @ 8:45
Drop @ 10:50 at a final temp of 1Cs+11f (5.5f/min)
Weight loss: -12.7%

6/7 (four day post-roast) cupping notes:
Fragrance -again strong florals, but slightly heavier with a hint of cascara or maple
Aroma - nice sugar browning notes, a bit of jam
Brightness - a tad less than version one and the brightness is harsher, more like pith or rind
Flavor - Black tea - but not in a good way. Lots of tannins. Plenty of florals and sweetness, but the tannins, rind and a hint of woodiness really distract (particularly in comparison to V1).
Body - a bit heavier than V1, but still on the light side
Aftertaste - praline, maybe a hint of baker's chocolate, not as clean as V1

This is a fantastic coffee! The V1 profile (my attempt to replicate Tom's second profile) is great (though perhaps could have used a smidgen more development), and in a different league from V2. My wife in particular loved V1; it won't be for everyone though as it is pretty different from what most people expect when they think of coffee.

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This coffee is still holding strong. It's incredibly clean, sweet and dynamic. It's rested enough that tomorrow I might try it as espesso. I'm betting it will be phenomenal.
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Cupping notes added to the roast profile post.

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My order arrived late last week, and I finally had a chance to taste my first batch after two days rest. I achieved very nice results by following Tom's lead and using a slow start/fast finish profile. Here's the info:

Roaster: HG/BM
Charge weight: 250g
Charge temp: 300F
Dry/Ramp/Development times: 5:45/3:30/1
Finish time: 10:17
Finish temp: 401F (City)
Moisture loss: 13%

Here's a graph of the profile:

I prepared some in a v60 today, using 200g of 200F water and 12g of coffee ground on the Lido2. The dry aroma was rich and sweet, hinting at sweet cherry tomatoes, lime zest, and oregano. When brewed, the wet fragrance had nice lavender, black tea, and plenty of caramel. The warm cup exploded with sweet tropical fruits (guava & pineapple came to mind), with rich florals (lavender & hibiscus) and rich caramel sweetness. The mouthfeel was like black tea with a hint of cream added. As the cup cooled, the black tea flavors grew stronger, the mouthfeel grew more tannic, and the acidity shifted a bit towards sweet lime. The finish was dryer than the taste, but it was nonetheless pleasant.

Once again, I feel glad for Tom's guidance, both in the selection of this coffee and for sharing his thoughtful approach to roasting it. Between this and the Aricha DP, I expect to drink lots of tasty cups this month!
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