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Boldjava wrote:I find Yemens have much longer shelf life than other greens. Probably due to the elevation/density, some grown up to 8,000.' I have some Yemens which I am working through from 2 crops ago. Starting to show but they have the longest legs of any origin in my stash.

Talking green, IMO, I think it's highly variable even with the country. These Ismaili have seemed to hold up ( I've roasted them again recently) relatively well, still with their cedar, tobacco and hint of funky spice/leather etc compared to say the Red Mountains that fell of rather quickly. The wonderful "Hawaiian Punch" -like juicy red fruitiness faded quickly.

But if we're talking post roast, they certainly do have much longer legs. Many of them need twice as much rest before becoming awesome.
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That is why I vacuum pack my greens and keep time in the deep freeze at -25F. It preserves those 'fades fast' notes in the greens.
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