Roast and Learn Together - January 2014

Discuss roast levels and profiles for espresso, equipment for roasting coffee.
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#1: Post by boar_d_laze »

I (BDL) unilaterally and unofficially renamed "Roast and Learn Together," The Home-Barista Group Roasting Project (aka H-B GRP) on the grounds that it's... y'know... kind of official sounding and some of you guys are... like... stealth grownups... and like... old. The reason for relating this will become clear shortly.

Both the January and February beans are sourced through Klatch. Klatch is giving people involved in the GRP project a 1 time, 1 order, 10% discount on each bean. The discount on the January bean is only good for orders placed in January; and the discount for the February bean only good for orders placed in February.

I (still BDL) already placed my order, without discount.

  • Green Costa Rica Cerro Paldo (Red Honey).
  • The discount code is (wait for it): GRPJAN
  • Note: Make sure you order the "Red Honey" processed coffee, Klatch has a Cerro Paldo Yellow Bourbon which is very nice but not the same.
  • We thought you guys would like to fool around with a honey.
  • Green Kenya Muthuthiini (Moot-hoot-cheeny) Peaberry
  • The discount code is (can you guess?): GRPFEB
  • Moot hoot cheeny? How can you resist?
  • Mike Perry suggested this one because he thought you'd find a peaberry interesting.

Here's a link to Klatch's greens page.. My experience with Klatch is that though their selection is not wide, it is choice; and if you're not already a regular customer I hope you become one.

rgrosz and BDL
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#2: Post by tamarian »

Sounds excellent! I think the the timing limitation of the 10% discount is not great, since we would want the beans to arrive the month before. Can they make it a December code for the January bean, and a January code for the February bean? This way we can take advantage of the discount and start roasting them beginning of the month.


#3: Post by IMAWriter »

If you'd order today you'd get 20% off, I believe?
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#4: Post by Intrepid510 »

Only for signing up for their coffee club unfortunately.

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#5: Post by TomC »

Funny, tonight I received my latest shipping from Klatch. I bought 10 pounds of Orange Bourbon, and one pound of the Kenyan Peaberry, (not knowing it was the Feb choice, I just wanted to try it) but at $11 a pound ( or $10/lb with the discount) I'll have to pass on the February selection to profile several times or play with.

Some suggested guidelines at the outset would probably have helped steer this into a more affordable territory for everyone had we suggested that bean choices be around $4-6 per pound. But that's hindsight and I don't fault whoever chose it ( although there's a bit of a chuckle to hear that the owner of the company is the one that suggested a $11/lb bean) since everyone's priorities are different. I just spent $55 for 8oz of roasted Geisha, so I can't whine about being thrift.

That being said, if the one pound I bought ends up being mind blowing, then it's certainly worth buying enough to properly profile.
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#6: Post by johnlyn »

Any word on the shipping rate to canada? likely the same as SM? I'll get them even though they are pricy but I concur with choosing a less expensive bean as it allows me to feel more freedom to experiment and not mind getting a sub optimal roast. Bean selection for this group has been amazing so far, So I will naturally assume that these beans are amazing as well.


#7: Post by rgrosz »

Depending on how much you plan to order, there is another deal you can take advantage of. If you plan to order at least $50 from Klatch, you should wait until Saturday 12/28.

They offer free shipping for the last weekend of the month via a special coupon code - but only to US customers. This happens EVERY month - based on the last 24 months. I'll wait a few weeks, since the free shipping saves over $15.

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boar_d_laze (original poster)

#8: Post by boar_d_laze (original poster) »

I was asked to supply a direct link to the Cerro Paldo Red Honey. Here it is.

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#9: Post by johnlyn »

I am learning a lot by participating in this group. Before I order these coffees though, I am just wondering how many people are participating?

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#10: Post by Boldjava »

I am grabbing a couple of pounds of each for Jan/Feb participation.
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