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Discuss roast levels and profiles for espresso, equipment for roasting coffee.
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#21: Post by TomC »

Smell :D
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#22: Post by pShoe »

Nice. I still struggle to do that confidently. This is easily one of the better smelling coffees I've encountered. While green and throughout the roasting process, especially at end of drying and at first. I know not everyone enjoys the smell at the earlier stages, but I particularly love the smell right around 150C.

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#23: Post by boar_d_laze »

Trying for a little development...

In case the type's too small:
DE: 299F;
1stCs: 376F;
1stCe: 401F; and
Drop: 416

To Pooch or Not to Pooch (Added on 2/12):
In case it isn't obvious the amount of dip in RoR at around the 10:30 mark wasn't intentional. It took me maybe 10 seconds after exothermia ended in the middle of 1stC to realize that anticipating 1stCs, I'd backed off on the heat, moved the damper, and raised the fan speed by too much; then another 10 seconds or so for the roaster to respond -- everything happening right around 1stFCe. Dammit.

Mea poocha, mea poocha, mea maxima poocha.

The good news is that the roaster responded fast enough (probably) so that there was some correlation behind the intention to add a little development instead of completely stalling.

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#24: Post by Andy »

Boldjava wrote:I love pooching tales. So many fear to report their misadventures.
I think you may have jinxed my roast session today. In the middle of my second popper roast of Muthuthini, my router speed controller fried itself. Aren't those things supposed to be robust enough to handle the current required for roasting? Anyway, by the time I reconfigured to continue by controlling with the heater power switch, I had lost about 100 deg F, so I do not expect a stellar cup.

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#25: Post by boar_d_laze »

pShoe wrote:I particularly love the smell right around 150C.
Me too. The aromas are a mix of "nearly baked bread," and "good rum." It's also where I change the roaster from "Drying" (lowish heat, lowish airflow) to "Ramp" (high to very-high heat, medium airflow).

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#26: Post by pShoe »

I've been brewing coffee from roast 2 over the last few days. I'm hoping to like it more with each passing day, but I don't see it happening. I was going to wait to for more resting before reporting anything, and I still will but here are my preliminary thoughts. I've never particularly like Kenyans. I know, put the pitchforks and torches down :) . I've tried Kenyans brewed at home from Intelligentsia and from Panther prepared at their cafe with similar opinions. I think it could be the complexity, believe it or not, that I find unattractive. This coffee is very complex. Anyway, still hoping for something a little better with each day. I'll have to reapproach my profiles. I only have 2 roasts left. I might as well shoot for a shorter 1:00 development time and a longer 3:00 + development time since my R2 was pretty much in the middle.

Update 2/14: I probably did speak to soon. I brewed a French Press this morning that was really enjoyable.


#27: Post by pShoe »

After more or less giving up on this coffee for brewing I decided to give it a go for espresso. Wasn't expecting much, but this coffee is great prepared as espresso. The espresso smells of sugary sweetness and layers of fruit. There is a flavor of apple pie filling and hints of coco. A little on the tart side.

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#28: Post by TomC »

pShoe wrote:After more or less giving up on this coffee for brewing......
When I'm ready to give up on profiling a coffee, I get more experimental towards the end, like the last two brewed cups I'll do something crazy and out of the box like run the coffee I'm finding particularly challenging or unrewarding thru the grinder at a very very fine grind for pour over, and a very very coarse press pot grind (also for pour over) and see if something has changed. If not, I move on. Sometimes you'll be surprised at the results of purposely over/under-extracting certain coffees.

But this is definitely one of the better/best Kenyans moving in coffee circles right now. I quite like it.
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#29: Post by Hotep »

The best laid schemes of mice and men... I'm late to the roasting session, but I did notice Klatch is doing 20% off all coffee as a PrezDay Special. 20% Off on all #Coffee and accessories for #PresidentsDay. Apply the code: PD2014

I ordered 2lbs of:
- Kenya Muthuthiini
- FTO Ethiopian Gedeo Worka
- El Salvador El Rubi Honey
- Costa Rica Cerro Paldo
- FTO Guatemala Cafe Femenino

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#30: Post by SAS »

I Lurked, I Learned, I Roasted
I viewed our group's experienced roasters' results. I watched the Cuptoberfest 2013 video on stretching roasts and read the paper on Sweet Maria's. I have been roasting other beans and feeling more in control of my Quest M3, so the other day I did it, I opened the bag of Kenyan Moo-hoo-blah,blah (I couldn't find an Emoji to show how tongue tied that word made me), and roasted it.

Here is the Artisan graph.
Thank you Marko for the easy choice of saving to H-B requirements, and thank you to all Artisan programmers and contributors, a great job on the software!!!

For those of us that can't see the numbers on the graph...
Turn Point 96C/ 204F @ 1:12
End of Dry 4:58
Yellow-Brown Duration 4:50
1Cs 195C/ 383F @ 9:48
1Ce 204C/400F @ 11:49
Drop 208C/407F @ 12:39
13.5% Wt. Loss

I think I should have dropped a bit later at a higher BT, say 212C / 415F @ 13:30 or so. 13.5 % loss seems a touch too little and too light a roast.

Cupping Notes: (I cupped yesterday and today)
Dry Aroma: Nothing special, smelled like ground grocery store coffee but sweet.
Wet Aroma: Orange, cooking brown rice
Break Aroma: dry grainy
Flavor: Ripe pink grapefruit
Acidity: balanced throughout
Finish: light citrus, no low notes, much later grapefruit came out again in the aftertaste.
Transparency/Clean: yes
Sweetness: Yes and in balance with the citrus
Complexity: Not this roast, mono-dimensional, just the sweet grapefruit, nothing else.
Your comments please.
:idea: BTW: I plead with all Roast & Learner Together participants, can we all use Centigrade already :?:
In Artisan, click: Roast; Temperature; Celsius Mode. Adjust the Axis in Config as you like.
(Am I beating a dead horse? Or do pShoe and I have to cave in and switch to Fahrenheit? Do some folks have machines that only read in Fahrenheit? PM me with your thoughts.)
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