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Discuss roast levels and profiles for espresso, equipment for roasting coffee.
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#41: Post by EvanOz85 »

This has actually been one of my favorite coffees in the past few months; better than some more expensive geshas I've had this year actually. I'm out of town now but I'll post my graphs when I get home.


#42: Post by billsey »

My third roast did quite well, it's now five days old and the americano I pulled this morning was really nice. A bit brighter than my usual choices but well worth it. My next roast will be the first with September beans.


#43: Post by day »

Well I know this never took off like I had expected it to, but unfortunately I was crazy thinking I could do this in August with school starting back for myself and my daughter and sister coming back from Japan...Just wasnt possible. I am really posting this just to get feedback if anybody has a chance. I plan to roast a second later today and make some changes, any thoughts if possible would be greatly appreciated.

Either way, I went back away from temperature settings and into power settings, and I think it produced a much better graph. On tasting the beans raw-just eating them-after completion I had a pleasant acidity very akin to lime but not bad. I was surprised with this, def did not have it before and did not expect to taste it raw...hopefully it wont be too much in the cup:)

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