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I have this model of Quest M3 (see the picture) and yesterday it stopped to heat. All the other components are working fine, except the roaster is not heating. A few months ago the drum started to make scratching noise. Examining the internals I noticed that the drum was warped and was scraping on heating elements. I saw here that someone had this same problem and the solution was the replacement of the heaters. So, I'm here because I need help. I don't know the specifications of the heaters and I'm afraid to buy the wrong one and messing things up. Could someone help me? I bought my Quest M3 in Germany and I live in Brazil. Thank you very much in advance!

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Before you order new heaters, I recommend that you test the ones you have with and ohmmeter. While heater failure is certainly a possibility, so is the triac, which is the solid state device that controls the heaters. If your heaters are good, you can easily bend them so that they don't rub on the drum. BTW, almost all Quest drums are not perfectly cylindrical and centred. Because your Quest is a 220-Volt model, the heaters are in series. So, you may find that only one of your heaters is burnt out. If this is the case, order two and keep the good one as a spare. As far as I know, nobody stocks spares; you can get them direct from the manufacturer, by emailing Molly at
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Thanks for the answer Nunas!

I'll try this ohmmeter test before replace my heaters.