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#11: Post by hankua »

In 2016 a Dongyi BY-1 was $2700 usd fob Qingdao. You can check for yourself and see what they are now, find out the tariff codes (possibly gas/electric ovens) add in LCL transportation, etc. etc.

Regardless, Chinese manufactured coffee roasters were and are still below general market pricing. There's also economy of scale, its a lot cheaper to build 30 of the same machines than one or two.

One can still buy a Chinese coffee roaster for less or a lot less than anything else out there.

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TomC wrote:Folks can talk and speculate all they want on the tariffs and speculate on the pricing of roasters. It's a relevant topic. The politics, might need more restraint.
Honestly, anybody that "sees" politics in speculating that steel tariffs affect a product with steel in it is the one that needs restraint. Not only is it a fair question, a producer of the product confirmed that it does indeed affect price.

The virtue of those policies are not relevant here but their impact is.
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