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Hello Roasters,
I'm new here and I would like some help from those of you who use the "Gene Cafe" roasting machine. I was quite surprised that I could not get some basic info. from the company (U.S. rep) itself!? instead I was referred to a number of coffee related websites. If you feel quite happy with the results you are getting, would you mind sharing? Thank you all!

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Hi Gil - I posted my typical procedure a few weeks ago in the thread "Coffee doesn't crack or swell". That was for dark roasts just into SC. Sorry I don't have anything to share for lighter roasts on the Gene. Hope that's helpful. - Brad


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I've had a Gene Cafe for about 5 years and have roasted several 1/2 pound batches every 2-3 weeks. It works well and I'm pleased with the results. The one issue is that the cooling is done internally and the beans continue to roast a little during the cooling cycle, so you need to be sure the cooling starts when the beans are less done than your aim point. But no complaints with the reliability or operation of the machine. It's been solid.