Ramp Soak PID for roasting

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I'm trying to get more repeatable results and stumbled on pids that do Ramps and Soaks, e.g. https://www.amazon.com/Auber-Instrument ... B01DC3KNS0
These are often used for controlling kilns. They allow some number of steps, where each step has a start temp, an end temp and a duration. Has anyone used this for roasting coffee?

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Artisan's built-in PID features Ramp-Soak pattern as well. They can be useful for modelling an in-between-batches protocol. See our post on Supporting Between Batch Protocols.

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^^^^^ this.

I've been using Artisan's ramp/soak and software PID to automate initial warmup and BBP for a couple years now. Works quite well and has improved consistency in my roasts.