Quest Roaster Handbook

Discuss roast levels and profiles for espresso, equipment for roasting coffee.
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I've made a few minor corrections and modifications to the handbook. It can be accessed here ... 2.pdf?dl=0

Quest owners: I would like to do a major update using input from owners of M3, M3-Mk-2, M3s and M6 roasters. Please PM me if you have anything to contribute.


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As a new Quest M3s owner I can't say enough good things about this thank you for the efforts to pull this together. I wish Coffee Shrub would toss a printout in the box. Having roasted on a Freshroast for almost seven years this roaster is quite a change but should yield some great improvements in the cup.

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I have a friend looking to get into roasting, and he's contemplating getting a Fresh Roast (with the extension tube), or a M3. I just bought a new M3, coming off of years on a Hottop 2K+. I LOVE it. Curious how you compare roasting/roasts on the Fresh Roast versus M3. Thanks!

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I roasted with FreshRoast roasters for a few years, before moving to an M3 and now an M6. IMO, the SR roasters are among the best rosters for a newbie, as they make it easy to use one's senses, instead of relying on data. As for the differences between the SRs and the Quests, there are two obvious ones. First, the Quest will roast back-to-back batches all day without a cooling down period; doing that on an SR will kill it. Second, the nature of the roast on any air roaster, at anything less than a French roast, is what I would describe as brighter-tasting. The Quest produces typical drum-roaster flavours, since it's a drum roaster :mrgreen: .

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Thanks for doing this. It would be great if Quest included it in the box (and paid you for the privilege).

I think the manual is good as is, as a reference and getting started document. If you ever consider doing a follow up on roasting profiles, I have some suggestions (frequently posted here) on using ET for roasting.
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One thing I might add is a section on warm up and between batch protocols.