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appfrent wrote:... happy to say that controlling electric heating is a non issue (I only roast 200g batches, so that's the caveat).
I have a couple of questions for you about this. Please see my post in the new Learning to roast on Quest M3 thread, which I think is a more appropriate place.


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I noticed that no one has recommended the thermocouples that Coffee Shrub sells. Why not use these? ... t-m3s.html


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CKRT wrote:Would you mind providing some links? Sounds like 1.5mm might be too noisy and 3mm is the best balance between noise/response time.

MCR said they couldnt provide any kind of concrete answer on which TCs work with the Quest, so that was a (understandable) disappointment.
I sent a PM with a link. I have them mounted in a drilled allen-head bolt with an inelegant stuffing of foil for insulation as the hole is 3mm or so. The braided stainless steel wire is held in place with twist ties. I don't find them too noisy, but you can judge for yourself. Here's a recent roast.