Quest M3 temperature discrepancy

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Hi all,

I was doing a roast this past Saturday on my quest M3. I have a thermocouple with a uni-t input thermometer and the analogue thermometer that comes with the roaster. I set the roaster up to stabilize at around 150C. I charged the roaster with 300grams of beans. FC happened when the analogue thermometer read 200C but the input thermometer was reading 140C. First time I've seen this on my roaster. Usually the analogue thermometer lags behind the thermocouple/input thermometer readings - with the latter providing the more accurate temp. Any ideas what might have happened here? I did let the roaster slowly preheat to the charging temp by setting the amp to the halfway point on the scale which took about 20-30 minutes to reach 150C.

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Pete, check to see if your digital thermometer setting got bumped off of T-type. Something similar happened to me way back. Suddenly, my 1C-start was at the wrong temp, compared to normal. I just got used to it, figuring that the probe had got bent or something. One day, I was changing the battery in my thermometer and I noticed that the thermocouple setting was not on T-type. I put it back and had to get used to the roaster all over again :lol: