Quest M3 or M6?

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I am looking to get a new roaster for home use and pretty sure I want to buy a Quest but unsure whether to get the M3 or M6.

I've been home roasting for years and have managed to get very good roasts out of the Behmor, though not for the smaller (1/4 to 1/2 lb) batches, for which my air roasters (i-Roast and popper) seem to work better.

I do like the drum roast compared to the air-roasts, which is why I'm looking for a more capable drum roaster (my preference being electric rather than gas). I don't need or want any "programmability" as I prefer to observe and manually adjust the roast as needed, nor do I require roasting more than 3/4lb at a time. 300 to 450g batches would be the maximum most of the time, but I also would like to be able to roast down to 120g on occasion.

I like the slightly more compact M3 but am not sure if it can handle a 400 to 450g batch. I know the M6 can, but I worry that it would not be suitable for roasting 100 to 150g batches.

Any advice to help make a choice between the M3 and M6 would be greatly appreciated :!:


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I typically roast 200g on my M3, have occasionally pushed to 250g. I don't think there is any way to get it to go to 450g. Otherwise the quests seem to check all your boxes. I have been very happy with mine (also upgraded from Behmor). But batch sizes definitely smaller.

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I had an M3 Mk-2, and now have an M6. The M3 easily will do 250 gram batches. I pushed mine once to 400 just to see what would happen. It struggled. It's happiest at 250 grams. My M6 is happiest at 400 to 450 grams, even though it is rated higher. Either one will do smaller batches, as they are identical in build; the M6 is simply a bit longer with slightly bigger heaters. Have a look at my Quest manual here ... 1.pdf?dl=0 It's getting a bit dated, but should give you some good information.

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Thanks Nunas for answering my question of whether or not the M6 will be able to roast smaller batches like the M3. And the M6 (I saw the M3 and M6 at Sweet Maria's) doesn't much bulkier than the M3. I've also read your Quest Coffee Roaster Handbook and learned a lot from that.

Based on all that, it looks like I'll get the M6. Thanks again.