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#171: Post by Zanderfy »

TomC wrote:Yes it will. There's been no changes in the drum that would affect fitment across the whole line.
Interesting. Tom, would you recommend the purchase of the perforated drum for increased control? Thanks!

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TomC (original poster)
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#172: Post by TomC (original poster) »

It's all clearly written and discussed in this very thread.

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#173: Post by Beanz »

It is interesting to note in the photo that they did not take the holes all the way out to the edge of the drum.
Wondering what the reasoning was and the impact on the airflow compared to the homebrew modifications.
Has anyone retrofitted one to an older model and run some comparisons ?
Thanks to Sawman for posting the photo.


#174: Post by OldmatefromOZ » replying to Beanz »

New factory drum looks really neat! Kudos to the manufacturers and TomC for adding to and bringing their attention to this thread.

I noticed the holes as well...I had similar thoughts about wanting to order one and run a comparison to my modified drum. :D Pretty happy with how things are though, interesting none the less.


#175: Post by Beanz »

It is hard to tell hole size from the photo but I wonder if it is a simple as ensuring small beans do not fall out of the drum rather than trying to control airflow

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#176: Post by FotonDrv »

Beanz wrote:Did you happen to ask Molly if it will fit the earlier production Quest M3's ? I would be interested in going down this path if it does
I sent a photo of the data plate on the roaster to indicated dates of manufacture.

She wanted to see a photo of the face plate since they did change the tryer position and I suspect that rotation direction of the drum might be involved. Does anyone know if the new drums turn counter clockwise?
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#177: Post by AndreG »

I suggest that you send them a photo of the faceplate and a photo of the interior of your drum to confirm the rotation of yours since they offered both clockwise and anti-clockwise drums. I did not do this and I had to send it back. Also, you can ask if you wish for an old style drum meaning a thicker model as per before 2012; they happily sent me one.

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#178: Post by FotonDrv » replying to AndreG »

I did send them a photo of the face plate as per their request but I did not send them the photo of the interior of the drum since they did not request it. I will ask Molly if she needs the interior shot.

If I read the date on the side plate of the roaster it looks like it was made November 2012, is this correct?

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#179: Post by AndreG »

Yes that is correct! The machine is just at the cusp when they started thinning the drum. Mine is 2012-12. You can get a perfect shot of the angle of the blades by using a flashlight in the chute... It's a confirmation for them and a precautionary mesure versus the problems and delays to shipping it back... Been there done that; not fun at all!

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#180: Post by FotonDrv » replying to AndreG »

Hadn't thought about a flashlight in the chute! Will give it a try, thanks.

I cannot remember how thick my drum is and I did measure it at some point in time and I Posted it here on HB. I was in the process of blackening the drum when I measured it.

UPDATE: I found the Post, it is a .068" thick drum in my M3 roaster.

19 Aug 2013 was when I Posted it.
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