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I just got Probatino 1 kg last week and plan to install it within the next couple of days. Currently, I am using Yang Chia mini 500 and really happy with the quality of the roast. I use the machine for my hobby.

Appreciate any input from the others that have been using Probatino 1 kg , if there are recommendations about where and what equipment are needed to install temperature probe so I can connect to computer to measure the roaster condition and bean temperature.

In addition, if any of you have basic guidance about the roasting such as charging temperature, total roast time, development time that I can use it as the base to start would be great ! ... drop time for light, medium, and dark roast ...
What is the typical brown color beans, first crack, and second crack in this machine ? It's 165 C, 195 C, and 212 C with Yang Chia mini 500.

Many thanks in advance for the input.

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Sorry to say but aren't many Probatino users here. Go to Search and limit it to Topic Titles only four threads come up.
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As far as I can remember only one member here ever owned a Probatino. I've always lusted after that roaster because it so beautiful. All I ever remember about that one was the pictures in the show us your setup thread. One of the most memorable setups ever.



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Royal Coffee used to use a Probatino in the Crown Jewels coffee lab, but I believe they have stopped. Nevertheless, if you search their site for Probatino it will show you the curves and roasting notes for previous coffees. It isn't a detailed guide on how to use your roaster, but it will show you what some very experienced roasters did using one.

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Thanks for the input.
I tried to find the information online and having a hard time to find any modification for additional temperature probe and also any basic roasting steps. I will try to look at Royal Coffee website.