Probat UG22 drum grinding noise

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Hey hey

This post is about (what I think is) the screeching noise caused by the drum scraping against the roaster while it is rotating.

Anyone know any ideas to get my probat to stop making that screeching noise? I used my c-spanner tool to adjust the location of the drum and increase the distance between the drum and the faceplate, which helped at the time. But still every day or so, the screeching comes back. It doesn't make sense that an adjustment solves the problem one day, but then happens again the following day.

Furthermore, the screeching goes away like halfway into my first batch.

I have tried making this adjustment when the roaster is both cold and warmed up. I'll reach out to Probat USA today, but thought I'd see if anyone else has encountered this issue. Thanks all!!

I'm thinking that maybe the drum expands and contracts at certain temperatures at a different rate than the rest of the machine. This might explain why it happens on and off, rather than 100% of the time. Or, maybe my drum is warped?

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Our machine did this until I got clearance just right. Your on the right track.

roasterjoe (original poster)

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Thanks mkane! I'll continue to explore this, but now I am wondering if the main cause of this squeaking is that the front bearing needs to be removed, cleaned, and repacked with grease. Unfortunately, there is some old residue that is essentially adhering the bearing cover to the rest of the machine, so I am not able to access the bearing haha. So let me know if you have any tips for this :D

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It's got to come off one way or the other. A hammer and a punch.