Phidgets HUB0000_0 to HUB5000_0

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#1: Post by AndreG »

I am setting up Phidgets to link to Artisan-Scope. I would like to use Wi-Fi. Is it simple as to swap HUB0000_0 to HUB5000_0 and all would be OK after including the network codes in?

Anyone tried this?

Thank you for your time.

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#2: Post by CarefreeBuzzBuzz »

No but have heard the WiFi hub creates some noise issues.
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#3: Post by MaKoMo »

The HUB5000 is a plug-in replacement for the HUB0000. It works exactly as this. However, you need to advice Artisan to look on your Wifi for Phidget devices by ticking the Network flag (Config >> Devices, Phidgets tab). This might already be enough as the latest release of Artisan supports the mDNS Phidget server service discovery protocol. If this works on your setup, Artisan should be able to discover automatically your HUB5000 and the modules connected to it.

If service discovery is not enabled on your HUB5000 or your network/os does not support it, you need to specify the host name as you read it from the Phidgets Control panel (hub5000.local in this case).

Michael is right. Strong motors on coffee roasters easily disturb Wifi signals by emitting electric noise leading to data drops. Wired connections are always preferable (thus motors can also disturb the signalling in long USB wires with the same effect).

AndreG (original poster)

#4: Post by AndreG (original poster) »

Your responses help me to stay with a connected option with the HUB0000_0 because of the noise factor.

Your information is invaluable.


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Randy G.

#5: Post by Randy G. »

Beyond that, Hottop talked about wireless com for a roaster but the temptation to walk away from the roaster made me think it was a bad idea. There were a few folks who found it easy enough to set them on fire as it was. :shock:
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