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#1: Post by Beeroclock »

Hi All

I've recently moved from a Mastech 6514 meter to a Phidgets vint hub and tmp 1101. I have managed to get it set up and working - however I'm a little confused as to which settings to use - specifically within the device assignment menu


I'm using 2mm "Mill City" k type TCs would really appreciate some insight into the settings highlighted in the image - the change value and the rate value.

Any help much appreciated.

Thanks Philip

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#2: Post by CarefreeBuzzBuzz »

Artisan 2.1 now supports automatic Phidget configuration for the 1101. Why not try that?

Artisan Quick Start Guide

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#3: Post by MaKoMo »

If you want to learn what those settings are about, check out the excellent manual for your device on the Phidgets pages. Otherwise, keep the async flag unticked, that change to 0C and the rate to a minimum.

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One thing I have to add (not in the Phdigets manual): in sync mode, Artisan requests data every sampling interval from the device. In async mode, the device is sending data to Artisan at the selected rate. The data received in async mode between two sampling intervals is averaged to compute the reading.


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Thanks for the reply - I did just try 2.1 - but after install. The main window just had reset button - so not sure it worked for me.

Have re installed 2.0..

On a side note I thank you greatly for this program - donation winging it's way to you now.

Thanks Philip

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#6: Post by MaKoMo »

Artisan starts in ArtisanViewer mode if there is already an Artisan instance running. That version just has the RESET button. You seem to have a hanging Artisan process. Just kill this one, or restart your machine and then Artisan v2.1.1 should start normal as full version.


#7: Post by Beeroclock »

Thanks MakaMo

just reloaded 2.1 and all is working great.

Is there anyway to get the values of my air and gas buttons to display instead of just the dot/markers?

Many thanks Philip

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#8: Post by MaKoMo »

Dear Philip,

please read the docs and the blog.

Put Events from Step to Combo in the Events dialog config tab (menu Config >> Events).

This representation was introduced in Artisan v1.3.

You can also click the "dots" to see the events data in the message line above the graph (also for the background profile).


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I'd love to hear what you think about the switch once you've had some time with it. I've been using the mastech for a few years also, and have been considering switching.