Phidget Troubleshooting with Huky 500

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I have recently purchased a Huky 500 and am setting up a phidget onto a mac with 10.15.7 with the newest artisan software. I am trying to have my ET and BT temperature read onto artisan with no luck. All I'm getting is this. Am I missing something along with the set up? Any help would be appreciated.

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what is your setup and how did you configure Artisan?
A phidget and what TC or RTD? What devices selected in Artisan?

There is a very useful manual taking you step by step through setup.

FWIW: I see those incomplete 0s too at initialization after pressing start, but they are replaced by readouts real fast.
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I think I'm still trying to figure out how to set it up and configure everything. It is RTD with VINT TMP1200 2xRTD which is what I have.

Do you happen to know where I could find the manual?


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iamryanbaker wrote: Do you happen to know where I could find the manual?

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Phidget driver installed?